Lash Extensions 101


Okay, it’s no secret that lash extensions are the new, on trend, beauty ritual of the moment. After all, who doesn’t want long, thick, batt-worthy lashes without all the drama of falsies, hard to remove waterproof mascara and eyelash curlers? I, for one, have never been great at applying those strips of false lashes (even after watching, what may easily be, hours of YouTube tutorials on how to properly apply them) and once I finally, after several failed attempts, get those falsies on, they always end up feeling uncomfortable and falling off before the end of the night (not cute).            

So when I first heard about this new lash extension craze I was way eager to find out more. Don’t get me wrong, I was definitely skeptical at first, when hearing that the one set of lash extensions could easily last up to 3 weeks, and even more so after a few google searches led to some articles about women who had gotten cringe worthy allergic reactions and even infections on their eyes from sketchy salons using industrial strength adhesives to apply the lashes (yikes).

But, after researching several salons in my area and finding one that I trusted, I built up the nerve and decided to take the plunge for long sexy lashes. And O-M-G am I glad I did!! The end result was absolutely amazing! I never thought my lashes could look so full and voluminous, yet natural at the same time.

But before you go running to the salon there are some things you need to know before your first lash extension appointment.

1. Not all salons are the same (obviously) so make sure you do a little research to be sure you are going to a reputable salon. Trust me ladies, having gorgeous lashes won’t be so cute with an eye infection. So don’t be shy, ask your technician about the types of adhesives they use to ensure your skin will be safe from harsh chemicals. I went to Emme Nail Spa at The Eilan, where An did my lashes. She told me that she was using a mild, adhesive, which was made for sensitive skin, but believe me, it definitely did the job of keeping my lashes on for the entire 3 weeks.

images2. It’s pricy. Unfortunately, lash extensions do run about $150 for your first set and about $50 for fills. So if you see a salon advertising lash extensions at a way lower price, you may want to ask some questions. It could be a red flag that they aren’t using the best quality products.

3. It takes time. The entire appointment takes about 2-3 hours from start to finish. They begin by prepping your skin, removing any eye makeup or mascara before beginning.

They then put a gentle strip of tape to separate the lower lashline from the top, which, I know sounds awful, but you hardly feel a thing!

After that, the technician applies a padding underneath your eye to absorb any excess glue and to protect your skin.

Once the actual application begins you need to remain still with your eyes closed. I actually often fall asleep during this process because, lets just face it, it’s hard to lay still with your eyes closed for 2+ hours, especially with the calming spa soundtrack playing in the background. An actually said that it’s totally fine to take a little nap, as long as I remain still. The reason it takes so long is because each lash extension is applied one by one, on top of each of your real lashes, which is what makes them look so natural.

*side note: I once drank waayyyyy too much coffee before my lash appointment and my eyes began twitching so much that I had to reschedule (super embarrassing!). So learn from my mistakes, ladies, decaf only until after the appointment!

4. There are different styles! Long and thick, flared out and curly, or short and natural. It’s up to you! Ask your technician about the options they offer and pick one that’s right for you. I got the Extreme Lashes, which were extra long and thick like Katy Perry’s before a trip to Las Vegas, and absolutely loved them! But after winter break was over, I wanted a more natural look so I went for a slightly shorter lash with a flare, which was perfect for going to class during the day or out at night.

5. They need to be cared for. Don’t worry though, nothing major. Just be sure that after your appointment you don’t get any water on them for 24 hours to give the glue a chance to work it’s magic. After that they should be fully bonded. Your technician should also give you a spoolie, which is basically a mascara wand. Use it to brush your lashes twice a day, morning and night, to keep them from getting tangled.

6. THEY ARE AMAZING! Seriously! I absolutely love how they enhance my eyes without having to do anything to them. I love how I don’t have to fuss with falsies or mascara (not to mention all the drama of removing layers upon layers of mascara). I honestly love everything about them and will continue to get them filled and highly recommend you give them a try too if you’re looking to up your lash game.

unspecified-2 Here is the end result! #lashesonfleek

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