Rompers, Stripes, and Ruffles, Oh My!

When it comes to the top summer trends, rompers, stripes, and ruffles definitely are at the top of the list, and I can’t get enough. This Moon River romper is one of my favorites, since it’s literally 3 trends in 1, making it the ultimate summer look.

Shop my look and my favorite striped and ruffled rompers below!

Choker + Necklace by Maggie Villamaria

Photography by Jana Cantua


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Shop My Favorite Two Piece Sets

Two piece sets are so not just for the pool. I’ve been growing my collection of two piece sets for a while now and have found that they are the perfect solution for someone who gets bored easily with the same old outfits in their closet (ME!). If you’re anything like me, you get a new outfit, LOVE it, wear it out a couple times, snap a few photos in it, then, well.. you’re over it and on the hunt for your next new outfit. The cool thing about two piece sets is while they look absolutely adorable worn together, they can be mixed and matched with other pieces in your closet (white tee, jeans, cardigans..) and worn over and over again in completely new ways, and have you feeling like you just bought an entirely new outfit (without hurting your wallet). This also makes two pieces sets a great option for traveling! As I make my way into adulthood (ew) I’m making it a point to try to be more responsible with my shopping habits and am trying to select pieces that I can wear in multiple ways and situations and have found that two piece sets are definitely the way to go.

Shop my favorite two piece sets below!


Photography by Jana Canua


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Tropical Vibes

As we all know, I live in the great state of Texas. One thing that is not so great about it however, are the outrageously hot summers. We are well into the hottest season of the year and with no end in sight, even the thought of dressing up can send us into immediate heat stroke. The key to surviving Texas summers are selecting light, breathable clothing options (but obviously cute too!), which is why these wide leg pants from Free People + this super light tank = a win! I paired the trendy/functional outfit with a platform espadrille, and super fun (yet not practical) yellow lens aviators. I topped my look off layering a couple gold chokers and added a chevron print Gucci handbag to add an unexpected element to the already semi-whimsical look. Even though we’re in Texas, this look gave me total tropical vibes and transported me to the jungles of Tulum or the beaches of Miami.

How do you beat the Texas heat? What are some of your go to summer styles? Let me know in the comments below.

Photography by Jana Cantua



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The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here! Shop my Favorites!

Ah, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, one of the most coveted shopping events of the year has finally arrived! If you’re one of the chosen few (Nordstrom cardholders) you’re able to shop the early access sale, which starts today, while everyone else will have to wait until July 21st.

Shopping a sale this big can be a bit overwhelming at first, since pretty much everything is on sale. Bags, shoes, clothes, home decor, WHERE DO I BEGIN? Fear not my friends, I’m doing all the hard work for you. I’m going to be searching the sale for all the trendiest items and making them available to shop right here on my blog. Think of me as your personal shopper, or better yet, your Nordstrom Anniversary Sale spirit guide.

I’m going to be updating my shop page as the sale continues and adding in more merchandise, so be sure to check back in daily!

Happy shopping!













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That Romper Tho!

Who doesn’t love a lightweight flowy romper tho? Honestly I’ve been all about simplicity this summer, especially since I now have a 3 month old pup who has completely taken over my morning routine.

Rompers and statement earrings have basically been my summer uniform. It’s the perfect look for the trendy girl on the go and I’m obsessed!

Click here to shop this romper!

Photography by Jana Cantua 


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Gingham All Summer

Gingham has been one of the hottest trends of the season and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon! From tops, to skirts, to dresses, pants, and even swimsuits, gingham continues to be the perfect print to make a statement that takes your outfit to the next level. What’s cool about gingham is that it’s bold enough on it’s own but not too bold to mix and match with other prints and colors. I styled my bell sleeve gingham top with black skinny jeans and a statement sandal for a casual chic look. But a simple gingham top can go with pretty much anything. Gingham is a trend you’ll wear over and over this season. How do you feel about gingham and what’s your favorite way to wear it? Let me know in the comments below!

Photography by Jana Cantua





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Inbalance Yoga Retreat Recap + Shop My Current Favorite Activewear

Okay so I know this post is long overdue but last month was a complete whirlwind for me. Between graduating college (YAY!) and transitioning into ‘official adulthood’, wedding planning, and the loss of my Grandmother, it was a complete rollercoaster and I took some much needed time off from blogging to process and adjust to all of these big changes in my life. After traveling a bit and spending time with friends and family I’m ready to jump back into my daily routine, which for now, includes creating blog and social media content and getting back into my workout routine at InBalance.

Last month Justin and I went on the InBalance yoga retreat to beautiful Tulum! It was a perfect location for the long peaceful, relaxing weekend. We stayed at the gorgeous Dreams Resort, which was right on the beach and had a luxurious spa, two pools, several bars and restaurants (all inclusive), and tons of fabulous activities and amenities. #inbalanceinmexico

While in Tulum, we also got the opportunity to go on excursions. Justin and I decided to visit the ancient ruins of Chichen Itza, which was absolutely incredible. It is a must see if you are ever in the area and was hands down one of the highlights of our trip.

When we weren’t hitting the beach, bar, or exploring the ancient ruins of Chichen Itza, we were up bright and early, with Hope and the InBalance squad taking yoga classes on the beach. If you ever have the opportunity to do yoga on the beach, do it! It was so peaceful to do yoga on a beach so early in the morning when the beach is practically empty and you can hear the sound of the ocean and feel the cool breeze. It makes holding those planks much more tolerable, trust. #namastayatthebeach

I’ve always had a love for yoga, but after this trip I’ve become much more determined to take as many yoga classes as I can to build up my strength and flexibility. I’ve taken yoga classes other places in the past, but the classes at InBalance are by far my favorite. The instructors are super helpful and not at all intimidating, which is nice for a semi-beginner, like myself. Since I’ve upped my yoga game over the past few weeks I definitely feel like I’ve gotten much more flexible (almost at a split, yall!) and have strengthened my core muscles immensely, which definitely comes in handy, when taking barre classes as well. InBalance has added several new classes and programs for the summer and even offers free community classes most weekends. Make sure to follow InBalance on Instagram and Facebook for updates, events, and to RSVP for the next yoga retreat!


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    1. It was such a wonderful experience! InBalance has one every year, I’ll post about the next one we take and maybe you can join us 🙂

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Top 10 Coachella Trends 2017

It’s that time of the year again… COACHELLA! And I’ve got all the boho, gypsy, free spirit festival feels. This will be my second time attending the Coachella Music Festival, but before I pack my bags and head to Palm Springs, I’m sharing my 10 favorite trends that I’ll be wearing this year and where you can shop them. So even if you’re not going to ‘chella this year, you’ll definitely still want to wear these trends all season long. Trust.


1. Rompers

They make really it hard to go to the bathroom in but we don’t care because ROMPERS! SO CUTE! Honestly though, who doesn’t love a good romper? They’re cute, comfy and come in sooo many flattering colors and styles, which makes them the perfect option for dancing the night away in at Coachella!

Shop My Favorite Rompers Here



2. Fringe Jackets + Kimonos

Because Coachella and fringe literally go hand in hand, amirite? Kimonos are perfect for layering over a tank or bodysuit to add a little extra something to your look. And don’t forget to bring a jacket for those chilly desert nights! These fringe jackets are sure to give you major hippie vibes. Peace out.

Shop My Favorite Fringe Kimonos + Jackets

3. Bodysuits + Bralettes

No need to fuss with the drama of tucking in a bulky top, just wear a bodysuit!  Bodysuits are key in achieving a slimming figure in those itty bitty shorts you’ll be wearing at Coachella. Will you feel like you’re wearing a swimsuit? Kinda. Will you have to take the whole thing off to go to the bathroom? Maybe (some bodysuits have snaps at the bottom, thank God) but again, who cares? You’ll look amazing pairing bodysuits with shorts, skirts, and pants. And obviously, you’ll want to layer a cute bralette under all your bodysuits and tops. Or pair one with high waisted shorts and throw on a kimono for a sexy festival look!

Shop My Favorite Bodysuits + Bralettes Here

4. Denim

Denim is a must for Coachella. Whether its those itty bitty shorts, a trendy denim skirt, a jacket for those chilly nights, or an off the shoulder top or dress, you can never go wrong with denim. Embroidered denim is also a cool way to add some style to your basic denim look.

Shop My Favorite Denim Here

5. Black + Silver Ankle Boots

Okay so here’s the deal with footwear at Coachella. While cute strappy sandals or a nice white sneaker may seem like a great idea, it’s wayyyy too crowded and dusty for that, so unless you don’t mind getting stepped on, or your shoes/feet getting hella dirty, I’m going to suggest you go in another direction. ANKLE BOOTS! Black ankle boots have always been my favorite, because they literally go with everything! This year I’m loving my black ankle boots with silver hardware detailing because I think it gives them just the right amount of edge. Perfect for you ‘chella look!

Shop My Favorite Black + Silver Ankle Boots Here

6. Embroidered Hangbags

Can we just take a minute to appreciate the detail in these embroidered handbags right here? Embroidery has definitely been dominating the fashion world lately and has been seen on everything from denim shorts to leather jackets to shoes and obviously handbags. These eye catching handbags are perfect for dressing up any look and the floral detailing matches perfectly to your flower crown, honey. Slayy!

Shop My Favorite Embroidered Bags Here

7. Colorful Sunnies

Colorful sunnies are the hottest trend in eyewear right now. Whether you like ’em big, small, round, cat eye, you’ll be sure to find them in colors that pop. These sunnies are such a fun way to add a little flair to your look this spring. Plus, the color blocked lenses are perfect to wear at night when you wanna look cute but would still like to see whee you’re going.

Shop My Favorite Colorful Sunnies Here

8. Unique Bandanas

The dust storms at Coachella are rough, yall. Bandanas are necessary if you’d like to continue to breathe throughout the weekend. I, personally am tired of the same old boring bandanas, they honestly remind me of the rodeo at this point, which is nice and all, but not my vibe for ‘chella. Instead I’m opting for some fun new patterns and even some designer bandana scarves to protect my little lungs from getting full of dust and dirt. OH, and to look cute too, obvs!

Shop My Favorite Bananas Here

9. Chain Chokers + Layered Necklaces

I’m swapping out all my thick black and velvet chokers for these trendy chains which are perfect for the warmer seasons, and trust me it gets HOT in Palm Springs. What’s cool about these chain chokers is that they are so thin and dainty and can be layered to create a unique look and elongate your neckline. I’m also really loving the layered long chain look to wear with deep V tops, bodysuits, and even swimwear.

Shop My Favorite Chain Chokers + Layered Necklaces Here

10. Fun Festival Accessories

Because where else am I going to wear flowers crowns, cat ears, and glitter in my hair? These festival accessories are a bit too wild and crazy for my everyday life but at Coachella, anything goes. When in Rome..

Shop My Favorite Fun Festival Accessories Here

Are you going to Coachella or any other music festival this year? What’s your favorite trend to rock at music festivals? Let me know in the comments below. And be sure to follow me on Insatgram (@chicintheheartoftexas) and Snapchat (@chicintheHOT) as I get ready to head out to Coachella!

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Tuesday Shoes Day: Shop My Favorite Mules

Spring is officially here and you know what that means.. Bye bye boots and coats and hello sandals and rompers! But don’t worry, you don’t have to say goodbye to all your beloved fall/winter faves. There are a few lucky ones that get to transition into the warmer seasons with you.

I’ve been loving my mules all fall and winter long and since they pair so well with jeans, dresses and skirts (and basically everything, for that matter) you know I’ll continue rocking them with all my new spring looks!

Mules are the perfect shoe to transition from day to night, and casual to dressy which makes them the perfect investment piece to add to your wardrobe because you’ll no doubt wear them over and over again.

Shop my favorite mules and let me know in the comments below how you’ll be rocking yours this spring!



Photography by Janai Cantua

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International Women’s Day X Global Purpose

Today is International Women’s Day. A day in which we recognize and celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women all around the world, as well as advocate for a more gender inclusive world.

This year for International Women’s Day I’ve teamed up with Global Purpose, an ethical sourcing company whose mission is to help brands operate more sustainably and humanely. Global Purpose is owned and operated by Kaylyn Jordan and her husband Jon Jordan. They aim to provide education, healthcare, and income opportunities to women and children living in vulnerable countries, including Haiti, India, and Uganda by reinvesting the sales of their ethical and sustainable products.

In honor of National Women’s Day, I am adding accessories from the Artisan Line by Global Purpose to my OOTD. This sari scarf, drawstring bag, and bracelets are all made by women in India, empowering them and providing them and their families with education and healthcare. You can shop all of these beautifully made products at HEB.

How are you celebrating International Women’s Day? Let me know in the comments below.

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