I Said Yes!


Okay, so if you follow me on Snapchat, Facebook, or have seen me over the past week and a half you probably already know that my amazing boyfriend of 4 and a half years proposed to me last Sunday and, of course, I said YES! So now that I have my nails done I can post the obligatory “He put a ring on it” pic, so viola!

The reason that it took me so long to post about my engagement on my blog is because in general, I’m pretty private about my personal relationship with my boyfriend, oops I mean, fiancé. Chances are unless you are a personal friend of mine, you probably didn’t even know that I had been in a relationship for almost 5 years and that’s simply because we choose to keep our relationship off of social media, which I know is not the norm these days, but it works for us. Because of our decision to keep our personal relationship off of social media I had kind of been struggling with how much I should post and share about my engagement and when I begin planning my wedding. After talking to my fiancé and friends about whether or not I should talk about this topic on my blog and social media, I decided that this is probably the most important and exciting thing in my life right now and that is something that I really want to share with my subscribers.

So this week my blog will get a little update. Along with fashion, lifestyle, and travel posts, I will also begin to add engagement + wedding planning posts to my blog and social media. We plan on having a long engagement so I hope to get a lot of content in between now and our wedding date. I can’t wait to share our journey into the next chapter of our lives with y’all!





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