Shop My Favorite Two Piece Sets

Two piece sets are so not just for the pool. I’ve been growing my collection of two piece sets for a while now and have found that they are the perfect solution for someone who gets bored easily with the same old outfits in their closet (ME!). If you’re anything like me, you get a new outfit, LOVE it, wear it out a couple times, snap a few photos in it, then, well.. you’re over it and on the hunt for your next new outfit. The cool thing about two piece sets is while they look absolutely adorable worn together, they can be mixed and matched with other pieces in your closet (white tee, jeans, cardigans..) and worn over and over again in completely new ways, and have you feeling like you just bought an entirely new outfit (without hurting your wallet). This also makes two pieces sets a great option for traveling!¬†As I make my way into adulthood (ew) I’m making it a point to try to be more responsible with my shopping habits and am trying to select pieces that I can wear in multiple ways and situations and have found that two piece sets are definitely the way to go.

Shop my favorite two piece sets below!


Photography by Jana Canua


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