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About a month ago I told y’all about how I teamed up with inBalance and became one of their brand ambassadors (read about it here), and I’m proud to say that ever since I joined the team, I’ve been keeping up with my workout routine and loving every minute of it. And that’s saying a lot for me, since working out has never quite been my cup of tea. I’ve had other gym memberships in the past but I never stuck with it because it always felt super intimidating for me to work out by myself in a sweaty, florescent lighted room filled with fitness fanatics who practically lived there, while I was struggling to keep up on the treadmill or acting like I knew what the heck I was doing with those crazy weight machines (I was definitely doing it wrong btw).

Don’t worry yall inBalance is nothing like those other gyms. It is a small, (super cute!) boutique styled gym that offers a huge variety of classes, including barre (my personal fave), pilates, yoga, dance, TRX, cardio and more. These classes are all taught by the fabulous inBalance instructors, who are all so encouraging, energetic, and helpful.

At first, I was hesitant to try workout classes, since I had heard horror stories from friends about taking classes at other gyms with instructors who would call out and embarrass people who weren’t keeping up and push people to work out so hard that they ended up hurting themselves. But let me just say that is NOT at all how inBalance classes are.

The inBalance instructors understand that each person in the class is at a different fitness level and don’t have ridiculous expectations for beginners to be working out at advanced levels. I know when I signed up for my first barre class, I was so nervous because I didn’t have a clue what to expect and didn’t even know any of the moves, but the instructors were so helpful that they offered to meet with me for a few minutes before my first class to teach me a few moves and basically give me a preview of how my fist class would go down. It was a blast. Every single class that I’ve ever taken at inBalance has been such a great experience. The music is always fun, the instructors are always challenging but in a positive and encouraging way, and the community itself is made up of awesome people #goodvibesonly

Another cool reason to love inBalance is that they not only offer tons of classes at their gym, but they also offer free community classes on weekends at different locations, such as La Gloria, Paramour, and Athleta. These classes are open to non-members as well, so be sure to follow inBalance on Instagram and Facebook to find out about these classes and feel free to join us!

Along with offering tons of classes for adults, inBalance also offers private sessions, classes for kids and teens, babysitting and nutrition programs as well #noexcuses

They even take awesome yoga retreats each year to incredible destinations. This April inBalance will be taking a trip to beautiful Tulum and I am beyond excited to be going along with them, staying at a gorgeous all inclusive hotel on the beach, and taking yoga classes taught by inBalance instructors! Click the photo below to learn more about the inBalance yoga retreat. 

Meet Hope, the owner of inBalance, Adriana (aka Toasty A) another brand ambassador, and get a sneak peek of inBalance by watching my All About InBalance video below.


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